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Translation Memory Tools

In general, localization tools are highly specialized applications for software localization (L10N). The main source and target formats: resource files or binary files that usually do not contain long translatable text strings, and the text is usually surrounded by non-translatable codes. Localization tools will have to extract these short strings accurately, provide a convenient graphical user interface (GUI) for the translation of these strings, and insert the translations back among their surrounding codes accurately. During this process, special attention must be paid to the controls that are embedded in the translatable text, such as ampersands (&) and shortcuts (e.g. Alt+D). Another key requirement for software localization is that the translated strings should be about the same length as the original text, so that the translated text can fit properly into the existing spaces in dialog windows. If a size-equivalent translation is not possible, resizing of the dialog boxes must be carried out. Complex translation memories are usually unnecessary for short text strings; in this case, a bi- or multilingual terminology base or glossary usually suffices.


In contrast, software documentation files (Windows Help format HLP, HTML Help format CHM, Web pages HTML or XML) contain much more translatable text in much longer text strings. These files are generally better handled by a Translation Memory (TM) software, which memorizes translated segments, identifies similar phrases typically segmented by full stops, and allows existing translations to be reapplied to similar phrases. TM software usually implements some kind of fuzzy match algorithm to identify the degree of concordance between new and translated segments, and allows existing translations to be inserted and/or edited in the editing environment.

Translation memory
Glossary generation

Glossary generation

One of our key strengths in quality assurance is our collection of accurate translation terminologies that are specific and crucial to your business sector. As new technologies are developed and new products are launched, it isn't uncommon to find that standardized terminologies have yet to reach the developing markets. Therefore, the assessment of existing terms and creation and verification of new terms are imperative. This requires input from experts in both the academia as well as your business sector.


NuFantex has the expertise and experience to manage and deliver this vital perquisite to any successful technical translation project.

Document translation

Document translation

Because your company's reputation and financial safety are at stake, selecting a reputable and professional service for document translation is paramount. NuFantex understands the importance of communicating your messages clearly and accurately in an increasingly competitive global market. With a dedicated team of highly-skilled translators, you can count on NuFantex to translate your documents into over 80 languages with precision.


Our highly skilled professional translators are qualified, bilingual native speakers based locally. They are handpicked based on their experiences and areas of expertise. Our stringent selection process ensures that we are always able to deliver services that meet or exceed your expectations. This process helps us provide the highest possible linguistic quality in the current cultural context. For every completed NuFantex translation, quality check will be performed by a proofreader and an editor before it is delivered to you.

Technical translation

Technical translation

The technical documentation that accompanies your product into your export markets is often your most visible ambassador. It must convey important and often complex technical and procedural information accurately and concisely in multiple languages, and must be delivered in a timely and cost-efficient manner. NuFantex has one of the world's most comprehensive collections of technical translation resources. We use translation productivity tools to ensure consistency in translation and ensure cost effectiveness. Our extensive management, translation and publishing resources help us deliver projects in the in the required format, in the shortest possible time, hence giving you an edge in marketing in terms of time.

Medical translation

Medical Translation

We take all necessary care when translating, proofreading and editing your documents to ensure that every translation we deliver comply with the highest standards in the medical industry.


All our native-speaking medical translators have degrees or certification in medicine, accreditation or advanced degrees. Translation of medical documents cannot be simply entrusted to a person who speaks two languages. It must be handled by professional translators with the expertise required by the industry.


Medical Translation Team


All our medical translators have access to translation memories, specialist dictionaries and industry-specific terminology to ensure that all translations are accurate and consistent throughout even the largest projects. NuFantex takes confidentiality and security issues very seriously. All NuFantex translators are bound by a commercial confidentiality agreement and a corporate nondisclosure agreement, and all translations will be kept strictly confidential.


Our areas of expertise in medical translation are as listed below:


-- Health Centre Documentation


Including expert translations of the following: clinical study reports, general regulatory documents and legislation, health care-related instruction manuals and patent applications, hospital discharge documents, insurance claims, manuscripts, marketing materials, medical charts and reports, medical equipment instruction manuals, medicine-related software, patient information and records, product specifications, as well as scientific and white papers.


-- Translations of Documents relating to Medical Equipment, Instruments, Tools and Supply


NuFantex translates the following material into any language: product descriptions and specification sheets, brochures, catalogues, offline materials and online marketing materials.


Our team of translators has extensive experience in translating text relating to: ambulatory aids, anesthesia units, arthroscopic equipment, auto-transfusion units, battery chargers, cardiac output units, circulatory assistance units, colostomy supplies, crutches, diabetic equipment, diagnostic equipment, electric hospital beds, electronic irrigation/distension systems, electrosurgical units, hand pieces, hearing aids, hemodialysis units, home elevators, implantable cardiac pacemakers, infusion pumps, intermittent lasers, mastectomy products, mobile or portable medical equipment, neurosurgical equipment, orthopedic fittings, oxygen concentrators, patient room equipment, pediatric equipment, peripheral compression, positive airway pressure units, rehabilitation equipment, respiratory rehabilitation products, smoke evacuation systems, stair lifts, stereotactic systems, stethoscopes, suction machines, surgical pumps, surgical tools and instruments, thermal dilution, toilet equipment, walkers and mobility aids such as ramps, scooters and wheelchairs.


-- Pharmaceutical Documentation


We have expert teams that specialize in the translation of product descriptions and specification sheets, brochures, websites, catalogues and other marketing materials for: antibodies, contraceptive medicines, anti-infective medicines, antiviral medicines, autonomic nervous system medicines, biomaterials, biopharmaceuticals, cardiovascular medicines, central nervous system medicines, medical chemicals, chemotherapy medicines, coating systems, gastrointestinal system medicines, hormones and hormone antagonist medicines, inorganic chemicals, respiratory system medicines, medical testing, and other fields.


-- Corporate Literature for Medical Equipment and Manufacturers


NuFantex can translate your medical and health care-related materials into all languages, these include: brochures, catalogues, marketing materials, specification sheets, annual reports, trademark information, articles of incorporation and bylaws, and other corporate documents relating to your medical, dental and pharmaceutical instruments and supplies.

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